World Health Organisation on Event Based PrEP

This week, the World Health Organisation has endorsed event-based PrEP dosing for gay and bisexual men and all men who have sex with men

“Event-driven PrEP dosing is an option for men who have sex with men. This regimen is appropriate for men who would find intermittent PrEP more effective and convenient, those who have sex less frequently and those who can plan for sex at least two hours in advance.”

PrEP has been proven to be an extremely effective tool to reduce new HIV transmissions. PrEP can be taken in a daily form or it can be taken in an event-based method.

Event-based PrEP involves taking a double dose (two pills) of PrEP between 2 and 24 hours before sex is anticipated, and then, if sex occurs, one pill 24 hours after the double dose and another one 24 hours later. If sex occurs several days in a row, one pill should be taken each day, until 48 hours after the last event.

So what does this mean for you?

In Scotland PrEP is available freely on the NHS. However, the NHS has several criteria that not every guy will meet. For those not eligible for PrEP via the NHS, you can always purchase your PrEP from There is a range of prices, with some being expensive. This is where event-based dosing may work for you. Event-based dosing is practical, affordable and anxiety-reducing.

Not only is PrEP an effective preventative method against HIV, but it also reduces the anxiety men have around the sex they have and enjoy. PrEP means that guys can fuck without fear of HIV, it allows men to feel in control of their sexual health. Many guys find it difficult to use condoms and PrEP provides that added layer of protection.

It’s important that men can have sex that is pleasurable and causes the least harm. When it comes to the type of sex men have, we always talk about risk, but PrEP allows us to expand the conversation - let’s talk about pleasure, enjoyable and consensual sex. If you want to find out more about PrEP or how to have good sex, check out the sections on our website.#

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