Problems with Chemsex

Although some men feel comfortable with their use of chems, others find that these drugs can impact on their life, causing significant problems.

These problems can include impacting their mental health and wellbeing, becoming dependent on the drugs used, or feeling unable to have sex that is intimate or sober (without the use of any drugs). 

If you have Chemsex with multiple partners at a chillout, you may be at greater risk of HIV, hepatitis B and C, and STI transmission. You may also be unable to consent to the sex that is happening or be in control of the situation, depending on the drugs (including alcohol) that you have used. 

Some men feel that their involvement with Chemsex leads them to become dependent on both the drugs and the sexual experience. The pull towards meeting other guys for Chemsex can start to control their lives.

It is also easy to lose track of time as sex sessions can last for hours or even days. You might forget to drink enough fluids or go without food during this time. Additionally, you may find that you forget about appointments, or that you're late for work, or meeting your friends.

Over time, some men have become so controlled by their involvement with Chemsex they lose their jobs, home and contact with family and friends.   

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