Mephedrone, m-cat, MCAT, meow, meow-meow, plant food/feeder, call it what you like, is part of the amphetamine family and is an upper (stimulant).

Mephedrone is a powerful stimulant and, is often compared to other stimulants like MDMA and cocaine. It is commonly used in Chemsex and clubbing. It comes in white powder, coarse and crystal-like, which is crushed into a powder to make it easier to consume. It can also come as a mustard/custard coloured cream. 

Taking It

There are several ways mephedrone is consumed. The time it takes for it to enter your body can vary depending on the method you use.

  • Snorting - It can be snorted through the nose in its powder form. This method takes a short time to take effect. Doing it this way can be very painful and lead to some damage to the inside of your nose.
  • Swallowing - There are two ways you can do this: one is by dabbing your finger in the powder and rubbing it on your gums and the inside of your mouth; the other way is by bombing, which is wrapping some powder in cigarette paper or a sheet of toilet paper and then swallowing it.
  • Booty Bumping - This where you inject the powder, dissolved in liquid, up your ass using a syringe or dab the powder with your finger then put it up your ass.   
  • Slamming - When the powder is dissolved in liquid it can be injected into your veins. This gives you a very quick rush but has a shorter duration than other consumption routes.

People using mephedrone can expect to have feelings of euphoria, alertness, and affection towards others. You may find yourself talking a lot, becoming very confident and developing increased assuredness in the sex you are having. Mephedrone can also make you sensitive to touch and very sexually aroused. When you are high on it you may also feel anxious or on edge. It can also make you sweat or give you heart palpitations to the extent where it feels like your heart is jumping out of your chest.

Sex on Mephedrone

Like the other drugs used in Chemsex, many men feel mephedrone enhances their sexual experience, with men reporting that it makes them more turned on, confident and driven to have sex. Other effects include:

  • Increased sexual focus and drive, and intensity in the sex you are having. 
  • Interest in sex that you would not normally have when sober or making you go further than you normally would, especially when engaging in kink.
  • Compulsive masturbating when high because you are extremely aroused.
  • Sex with others you normally would not have sex with.
  • Difficulty maintaining an erection or staying hard.
  • More likely to take risks when it comes to sex you are having.

Although mephedrone was originally referred to as a legal high and widely available, it does not mean that it is without its risks. The long-term assessment of mephedrone is not clear, but as researchers gather more information from men who use it, we are becoming aware of some negative outcomes from its use:

  • Some guys report that it can make your heart beat fast (leap out of your body).
  • Like other amphetamine type substances, it can lead to a feeling of being cold, teeth grinding, memory loss, and paranoia.
  • As mephedrone can affect your nervous system this can lead to difficulty in regulating your body temperature causing you to overheat. Deaths have been reported when it has been mixed with other drugs, such as MDMA or ecstasy.
  • Although there is little research on its effect with HIV meds, caution is advised.
  • Snorting can cause damage to your nose including bleeding.
  • Taking it orally can cause damage to teeth and gums.
  • Taking it up the ass can lead to damage of your anal lining and put you at greater risk of an STI or HIV.
  • You can have fits.
  • Slamming causes the drug to enter your body rapidly, which can also cause veins to collapse.
  • Comedowns make you feel depressed and make it difficult to concentrate in the days that follows.
Mephedrone and your Mental Health

Mephedrone can impact your health especially in the hours and days that follow its use. Many guys report loss of memory and cannot remember the sex they had when they were high on it. This has led to sex acts taking place or images being taken without consent. The way some act can be out of character, doing things and taking risks they would not normally take. The stimulating effect of mephedrone can result in a lack of sleep for days after. Other guys report they feel depressed afterwards, especially when they are on a comedown.

Mephedrone and HIV Medication

The affect that mephedrone has on those who take HIV medication, and PrEP, is still under research. This means you should be cautious if you use mephedrone while taking HIV medication.  Most HIV and sexual health doctors have a good understanding of ChemSex drugs and their use, so it is worth talking to them for further information

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