There is a number of ways to consume drugs when engaging in Chemsex, here we outline the most common methods with some information about how to maximise enjoyment while minimising harm. 

Booty bumping

Booty bumping is where your body absorbs drugs through the lining of your ass. The are two main ways to do this:

  • By dabbing the crystal powder like substance with your finger, then insert and rub your finger into your ass.
  • By dissolving the drug in water, then injecting it up your ass using a syringe. Taking drugs up the ass can cause you to get high quickly and more intensely from certain drugs. You need to be careful doing it this way as the chems may irritate the lining of your ass and lead to bleeding or haemorrhoids (piles). This method also puts you at greater risk of HIV and STI transmission if you are being fucked without a condom after taking drugs this way. 

Consuming GBL, which is the stronger version of GBH, can cause serious damage to your ass lining. If you are using a syringe to squirt the drug up your ass, make sure its diluted (ideally in lukewarm water). Never share your syringes or any other paraphernalia used and, make sure the one you are using has not been used before.


Swallowing drugs, usually in the form of a pill, is generally the safest way to consume drugs as your body can break down some of the toxins. That said, many pills are cut with other substances that may not be as pure as you think. Consuming drugs by swallowing usually means that it takes longer to get an effect from the drug as this needs to pass through your digestive system. Therefore, its important not to consume high amounts of the drug just because you are not getting an effect straight away.


Snorting is where you consume drugs through your nose. The drug is usually in a powder form and snorted through equipment such as a rolled-up banknote (tooter), plastic tube, straw, or empty pen. When consuming drugs this way, they travel quickly through your bloodstream to your brain. This means the effect may be more intense than swallowing a pill. Sharing equipment can put you at risk of hepatitis C so you should always use your own equipment. Remember bank notes can have lots of germs on them so if you are going to consume drugs this way, use a clean straw to reduce infection risk.

Slamming (Injecting)

In terms of risk, slamming is the most dangerous way to consume drugs as it carries significant risks:

  • HIV and hepatitis C infections increase if you are using needles that have been used by others. Do not share needles (or any other paraphernalia) and make sure the needle you are using has not been previously used.
  • Slamming carries a far higher risk of overdosing. This is because you are injecting straight into your body, either into a vein or a muscle, which can cause much more of the drug to enter your body resulting in you becoming unconscious or in some cases having a heart attack.
  • Slamming is a high risk for contracting an infection, such as abscesses, which can be very serious and lead to major complications. Slamming can also lead to collapsed veins which are caused by poor injecting techniques. Sometimes your veins may recover once the swelling has calmed down, however, repeated long-term injecting can result in permanent collapse which will cause circulation problems.
  • You are also more likely to become physically and psychologically dependent on a drug if you slam. This is because the effect of the drug you take can be rapid and intense, increasing your tolerance in a shorter period of time. Some people also report becoming dependent on looking for a 'hit' through the act of injecting. 
  • Always make sure you use your own equipment. This includes what you use to prepare the chems and, the tourniquet.
  • Make sure the drugs you use are prepared in a hygienic environment.
  • Some drugs are injected into the muscle, butt cheek or veins. Injecting a drug into the wrong place is dangerous and may result in death.
  • Never inject into your genitals, this will damage your penis and affect its ability to function.

You can find out more about safer injecting and find your local service for sterile injecting equipment here. 


Smoking is where you consume the drug through inhalation. Some chems, like crack cocaine, can be smoked using a stem pipe. In the case of crystal meth, a pipe with a bowl on it is used. Both these drugs, as well as ketamine, can be smoked using tin foil. Cannabis is consumed usually rolled in a joint, vape or through a bong or pipe. Consuming drugs this way gives you a very quick hit. Long term consumption this way can result in damage to your lungs and increases your chance of cancer.

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