Crystal Meth

Crystal meth (methamphetamine), or Tina, is a powerful stimulant that can keep you awake for very long periods of time

It can also make you feel very self-confident, powerful and extremely horny. Crystal meth is used on the club drug scene and gives a feeling of euphoria. However, the problem with crystal meth is that the feelings of extreme arousal and euphoria can make using the drug when having sex so appealing that it becomes extremely addictive psychologically.

Taking It:

There are several ways to take crystal meth, which will determine the effect that you have with it and how quickly you get high.

  • Smoking: Through a pipe in a crystalline form. This gives a quick euphoric rush but is extremely addictive.
  • Snorting as powder: This can cause a quick reaction creating a high in about 15 mins with intense feelings of euphoria. Again, an easy way to become addicted and can cause damage to your face and nostrils.
  • Slamming: This is where crystal meth is dissolved into a liquid then injected in to your veins. This is the most likely way to become addicted. It can also result in serious complications, such as collapsed veins and infections, especially if you are reusing
  • Booty Bumping: Also, known as hooping, where the drug enters your body through the lining of your ass. This can be done in liquid form, by using a syringe, or using powder that is rubbed onto the lining of your ass via your finger. This is also a high-risk route for the transmission of STIs because the chemicals increase the likelihood of abrasions and condom failure.

Crystal meth is used in ChemSex as it can make you feel very aroused, disinhibited and alert. A lot of guys can go for hours without sleep or feeling like they need to eat. In addition, some may also become paranoid and others may become aggressive.

Crystal Meth and Sex

A lot of guys feel that crystal meth can make you feel ‘super horny’ causing extreme arousal. They also feel that crystal meth can make you feel more attractive and confident, especially when coming onto other guys. Other effects of crystal meth and sex include:

  • Reduced inhibitions leading to risk taking.
  • Prevention from cumming, as you can fuck for a long time without ejaculation.
  • Development of crystal dick,where your cock is not hard enough to have sex or masturbate but you are still horny.
  • Heightened intensity of the sex you have and an increase in your sex drive.
  • Interest in having different sex (hypersexuality) from what you would do normally (sober).
  • Interest in doing things that are more dangerous than you would do sober if engaging in Kink or BDSM.
  • Lengthy sex sessions due to being able to ‘keep going’ which can result in condom failure or trauma to your cock and as this trauma is often not realised at the time of sex.
  • Many guys describe sex while on crystal meth as being disconnected, unreal or cold.

The one thing that is often reported by guys who have sex while on crystal meth is that when they do cum it is mind blowing.


In reality, crystal meth is an extremely addictive drug, that for many guys has led to devastating effects on their lives causing physical and mental health issues. Some ultimately become isolated from friends and family. In addition, using crystal meth can also result in:

  • Trouble with the law as it is Class A drug. If caught with it for self-use or intending to supply you could go to jail or receive an unlimited fine.
  • You can become addicted to it and it can start to control your life. You continually look to crystal meth as a way to enjoy sex and to survive, meaning it becomes the only tolerance can develop, meaning more crystal meth is needed to get the same high.
  • Developing cycles of use:
    • Losing friends, family and jobs
    • Long term impacts on health
    • Extremely expensive habit leading to problems with money
  • Long term use can impact mental health resulting in psychosis and paranoia.
  • Crystal meth can raise your blood pressure and put you at risk of a heart attack and/or stroke.
  • The drug is difficult to quit, especially when used in the context of sex.
  • Overdoses can result in organ damage and/or coma, which can lead to death.
  • Some evidence also indicates that overdose can result in brain damage.
  • Crystal meth can keep you going longer without food which can weaken the immune system.
  • Mixing crystal meth with cocaine, Viagra, MDMA or poppers can cause cardiac issues, including heart attacks and strokes.
  • The drug can exacerbate the complications of antidepressants causing high blood pressure or serotonin syndrome.
  • Injecting crystal meth can cause collapsed veins, abscesses, sepsis, and cardiac infections.
Crystal Meth and your Mental Health

Crystal meth can affect your mental health. It has been reported to cause psychoses in some, where you can lose touch with reality.  Additionally, it can also exacerbate other mental health conditions such as anxiety and depression. Associated issues like isolation and loneliness are common especially when crystal meth has impacted on your social life and employment.

Crystal Meth and HIV Medication, including PrEP

Using crystal meth and taking HIV drugs (including PrEP) can have serious consequences. For example, some HIV drugs can lead to fatal levels of crystal meth being stored in your body. This happens because HIV drugs can slow down your metabolism, making it possible to for you to unintentionally overdose.


Furthermore, because crystal meth causes you to lose time, some guys may forget to take their HIV meds.