Cocaine is a stimulant that makes guys feel good by stimulating the feel-good chemicals in the brain, like dopamine.

Though not specifically a ChemSex drug, cocaine is commonly used by gay men socially and when having sex. Cocaine comes from the coca plant in South America and usually comes as a powder, as crack (small rock formations), or as freebase (crystallised powder). It is also known as coke, Charlie or blow.

Taking it

Most guys snort cocaine by smoothing the powder out in lines and snorting it with equipment like a rolled-up bank note, a snorter tube or a pen. For some, snorting cocaine can be painful and it can damage your nostrils. This can be dependent on how fine, or rough, the powder is. Crack, or freebase, tends to be smoked through a glass pipe or from a sheet of foil. Others inject coke or crack (this requires an acidifier for injecting) by first dissolving it, then injecting it into their veins. However, this can lead to addiction. Injecting is risky because cocaine can be mixed (cut) with other chemicals or powder which can clog up in your veins, to prevent this from happening, you can use a filter.





The effects of cocaine, like other stimulants can make you feel alert, happy, excited, wide awake, confident, self-assertive and very horny. Cocaine can make you feel more confident when flirting with other guys and even lead to you having sex with guys you wouldn’t normally have sex with.

Sex on Coke

A lot of guys use coke when they are having sex because it makes them feel confident about themselves. It can also help in areas where guys have a lack of self-confidence with the sex they have. In addition, cocaine can affect the sex you have in the following ways:

  • Make you want to have sex and become more confident in asking for it.
  • Heighten the sexual experience and make you feel closer to the person you are having sex, with intensifying the pleasure.
  • Make it harder to cum when you are having sex on coke.
  • If you are using coke over a long period of time in can make sober sex less enjoyable or pleasurable.
  • Make it harder for you to get an erection or sustain one.  Try to avoid using erectile dysfunction drugs, such as Viagra as it can make your hardon last longer that you want and cause damage to your penis.
  • Cocaine increases your energy levels making you more likely to have rougher, harder sex.  This can cause abrasions on your cock or ass.    
  • As cocaine makes you horny, and sex more intense, it can make it less likely that you will use condoms and lube to protect yourself.

Though cocaine is a widely used drug, it does have several downsides to it, some of which can affect your health.

  • Cocaine is a class A drug. If caught in possession of it you can receive a 7-year prison sentence. If you supply, you could get life in prison. In both cases the fine could be unlimited.
  • Cocaine can increase your risk of cardiovascular complications. If you have problems with your heart, or have high blood pressure, it is best to avoid cocaine.
  • Fit and healthy guys should also be aware of these issues. Some guys have collapsed and died from taking cocaine without any previous health issues. 
  • Cocaine can make you agitated and aggressive, making you more likely to do something that you would not normally do. 
  • The effects of cocaine are short lasting, causing some guys to overdose. 
  • Mixing cocaine with alcohol or other drugs will make it more likely that you will overdose.
  • Snorting cocaine can damage your nose. Most commonly, it can affect the cartridge, which will eventually disappear, making your nose misshapen.
Cocaine and your Mental Health

Those who have underlying metal health problems find that using cocaine can bring them to the fore. In addition, feelings of anxiety, paranoia, tiredness or depression, during or after their use of cocaine can often occur.

Cocaine and HIV Medication

There is no evidence of cocaine reacting with HIV medication. It is important to be aware, however, that side effects from cocaine may make other issues you experience more acute, such as mental health and wellbeing. Cocaine can also reduce your appetite which could become an issue for guys who take HIV medication with food. Some guys can also forgot to take their meds when high on coke or having a comedown afterwards.