A New Digital Magazine.

A new digital magazine for gay, bisexual, and all men who have sex with men.

Launching July 2020.

At SX we know that there’s a lot to get your head around when it comes to sex, sexual health, HIV, wellbeing, alcohol and drug use. We also know it can be a drudge trawling through websites getting the facts. So, we’ve decided to create a regular digital magazine highlighting some of our key information with articles, interviews and contributions from our community.

This is where you come in. The magazine needs you! Rather than telling our community what they should know about and read about, we want ‘you’ to tell ‘us’. What stuff interests you right now? Who would you like us to interview? What is missing from social media or other platforms you get information from?

We’re also looking for articles and content from our community to feature in the magazine. From personally written articles to artwork and photoshoots. We’d like to feature a wide variety of creative and critical work that represents all of our community.

Send us your ideas and articles you’d like us to feature: scott.baxter@s-x.scot