Someone sharing your images without your consent?

During the lockdown, we have been using apps to chat with guys about their experiences of virtual sex.  Sometimes this involves sharing of intimate images. For many guys, this happens when they are horny.

When we say intimate images we are talking about images that can show genitals or images of sex acts including masturbation. 

So here is a couple of things to keep in mind when talking to guys online

  • Don’t be forced into sharing intimate images and if you are being harassed, then report the profile to the provider and block them from your account. 
  • Consider if sharing intimate images is the right thing to do.  Someone sharing your intimate images without consent is a crime and SX can help you report it. Some people refer to this as 'revenge porn'. Also, remember to never take, store, or share intimate images of anyone under 18 - even if that person is you. 
  • If you want to be better informed out website has information about staying safe online and getting the best out of apps. 
  • We can provide confidential support if your images have been shared without your consent; you can find out more here. 

To find out more about apps and staying safe online click here.

Also, check out this information from the Citizen Advice Bureau.