Restorative Justice Consultation

We are working with an organisation called  Thriving Survivors to gather the views and opinions of survivors of domestic abuse, intimate partner violence and sexual violence on restorative justice in Scotland. 

We’re inviting you to participate in this consultation to make sure your voice is heard in the future of restorative justice in Scotland. 

The Scottish Government has committed to making restorative justice services widely available across Scotland by 2023, with the interests of survivors* being at the heart of these services. This consultation is a way for you to share your views and opinions about restorative justice in Scotland. 

At present, there is no option in Scotland for survivors of these types of crimes to engage with restorative justice services in Scotland. That’s why the consultation is looking to gather information on currently unanswered questions such as: What do survivors know about restorative justice? Would survivors use restorative justice? If survivors could access restorative justice, what would they need from such a service? The aim of this consultation is to ensure that the voices of survivors are heard, and Thriving Survivor’s will feed your voice directly into the Scottish Government’s Restorative Justice Action Plan. 

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For more information and to participate in the survey, check out the following links: 

  • Watch a short video explaining what restorative justice is here


  • Watch a longer video explaining what restorative justice is, what it is not, and areal life example of restorative justice in action here. 


  • Make your opinions heard by filling out the consultation here.

If you need support with any of the issues mentioned in the consultation or this text, our team is here to support you. Please do not hesitate to get in contact.  

*Please note that we use the term survivor in this post, but we recognise that language is personal to everyone. Please use whatever language you feel comfortable with when participating in the survey.