Looking after yourself during self-isolation

Now more than ever, we’ve really had to think about our health. Be it making sure we get active and get out the house once a day for our government approved walk or taking up a new hobby at home. We need to look after ourselves, our family and our friends.  

Isolation is part of keeping others safe, but that doesn’t mean it will be easy. Feelings of uncertainty and worry, are natural but there are several things to get involved with that will help. 

Try something new – If you find that you have more time than you are used to, this could be an opportunity to pick up a new skill, study a new subject or get active. Many organisations and online producers have made their online content free. You can learn a new subject for free with the Open University, try a free mindfulness class with the TIE campaign or get moving with Joe Wicks 

Make a routine – Routines are essential to feeling a sense of achievement in your day. Time can feel elastic during isolation, so set an alarm for getting up, write down the tasks you want to get done during the day and make sure to pen in some time to rest! Plan time to look at the news as well, if you’re checking all day long it’ll be difficult to think of anything else!  

Be Social - Thanks to new technologies, it’s now easier to talk to people than ever beforeSo, if you miss meeting up with your group of friends or family, get on a video call – you can still have that after-work drink with workmates, or lunchtime blether.  Organising a video or phone call with someone important can lift your day.  

Avoid using drugs and overusing alcohol - We aren’t telling you to stop drinking completely, this isn't a #DryCOVID article. However, we know that it can become easy to have a drink every other day, this can lead to a drink every day. Think about leaving it to a Friday and Saturday, and then you can tap into those Friday night feelings and weekend vibes. Using drugs during this period is not advised especially as they can increase feelings of being overwhelmed or feeling low. In some cases, drugs and alcohol can also impact or weaken your immune system. 

Get Support - These times are certainly strange and challenging. Over the coming weeks, you might need additional support and despite many people working from home, there are ways you can still access it. We are still here to provide you with support around your health and wellbeing, so you can talk to us today. 

Have at our Mental Health section for more ideas about looking after yourself. 

Below is also a series of useful links to other organisations, with their own ideas about looking after yourself.