It's a Sin

It’s a Sin is Russel T Davies new powerful five-part drama which follows the story of five friends through beginning of the AIDs crisis in London.

It might seem hard to believe that It’s a Sin is the first British TV drama to focus on the crisis and how it decimated communities across the country. Focusing on this period vividly shows the horrendous experiences of the people who were literally on the front lines of this unknown virus. Within this landscape where homophobia combined with a fear of a new virus Davies ensures that through the lives of this group, we remember all the joy, the unity and the exciting sexual experiences of the people that fought to survive.  

The show provides a sex-positive view on an era that has retrospectively avoided representing the sexual lives of the people living through these times to the mainstream population. We see Olly Alexander’s character Ritchie move from a small community to big city a story all too familiar for LGBT+ people. After coming out to friends he really comes into his sexuality and builds his confidence around his sex life and begins to live his life as he chooses. 

Whilst we can look back and be thankful that now people living with HIV and on effective treatment can now live long and healthy lives, we should take stock and be grateful to all those who fought to have our voices heard. It’s also true that the battle isn’t over we now have the tools such as PrEP and U=U to prevent unnecessary suffering and death but misinformation about HIV lives on.  

It’s a Sin is an emotional and loving message to those who lost their lives and a reminder as we face a second pandemic of the importance of trusted information and a supportive community. As we sit in our homes sometimes separated from our friends and family its important to know that support is still out there. We’re always here to help.  

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