Mental Health and HIV

Today in Scotland, you can live long and well with HIV. HIV can however still impact your mental health. 

The treatments that are now available in Scotland allow a person living with HIV to live a long healthy life and, thanks to U=U, we know that treatment can even help to prevent the spread of the condition.

Despite improved treatment however, HIV continues to carry a lot of stigma – fueled by stories from the past and myths that don’t seem to fade.

One of the most damaging consequences of this stigma is the impact that it has on the mental health of people living with HIV.

Coming to terms with a diagnosis, and the decision of whether to tell other people can cause significant stress and anxiety, particularly if you are newly diagnosed. At the same time, HIV stigma continues to be a factor in the anxiety around the sex that we have. 

If you are living with HIV, there are lots of support options available to help you through these issues.

At SX, we can provide one-to-one support to help you overcome the challenges you are facing and provide information and advice about how you can enjoy good physical, emotional and sexual health. We can also help you get additional support from our parent charity, Waverley Care. Get in touch with us here.  

Your specialist HIV doctors and nurses are also well equipped when it comes to supporting with the mental health of their patients and you can talk to them about your concerns.

Looking for support? Can't find the answers you need online? Fill out our self-referral form, and one of the team will get back to you.