COVID-19 & Wellbeing

Our daily lives have changed quite a bit in recent days and weeks. The challenges of coronavirus are affecting all of our lives in a number of different ways.

During this time, we must reach out, speak and listen to one another to make sure everyone feels supported. 

At times this may prove difficult as people's circumstances change and our family and friends become affected in different ways. It's important to remember how much good a conversation can do for yourself or others. 

Social distancing is a new part of our daily lives. This means creating at least two meters distance between people, no handshakes and no hugging. Social distancing is not a nice experience, but its the right thing to do, to prevent transmission.  

If you or someone in your household are experiencing symptoms, you must self-isolate at home. Self-isolation might feel like wasted time, but in fact, you’re helping keep vulnerable people in your community safe.  

Here’s a few tips to help take care of your health and wellbeing during periods of isolation: 

  • Establish a routine. Time can feel elastic during isolation, so set an alarm for getting up, write down the tasks you want to get done during the day, and make sure to pen in some time to rest! This will help you have a sense of purpose throughout the day. 
  • Set certain times to look at the news. Seeing every headline as it's rolling in can lead to a sense of panic. If you want to stay up to date, pick a certain time in the day to get updates 
  • Avoid using drugs and overusing alcohol. These can increase feelings of being overwhelmed or feeling low. In some cases, drugs and alcohol can also impact or weaken your immune system. 
  • Talk to someone. Your thoughts can become overwhelming, particularly if you’re isolated. Reach out to someone you trust, or speak to us through our live webchat.  

To find out more click here to see the World Health Organisations recommendations for dealing with stress.

There are lots of different organisations and groups you can speak to if you need support or more information. Below are some links that may be of use during this time. 

If you want to learn more about coronavirus and some of the reasons behind the measures being taken, watch the video below.

The Coronavirus Explained & What You Should Do