COVID-19 & Sex

Coronavirus is impacting how we can interact with people and how we live our lives. The new rules state that you should limit contact with others to reduce the spread of the virus. 

Therefore, we encourage you not to meet people for sex. 

For more information about having sex with a partner, look at our good sex guide. During this time, be mindful that due to the extra pressures on the NHS, sexual health testing is extremely limited so make sure you’re using protection if necessary 

Coronavirus is thought to be very easily transmitted through things involved with having sex such as kissing, heavy breathing and foreplay. Be aware that you won't be able to tell if someone has the virus just by looking at them, and many people won't know they have it. Therefore, social distancing is essential at this moment. 

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So, during this period try and start thinking about sex differently. That means thinking about how to turn yourself on, explore your own body or connect with people through a webcam or your phone.  

First, rethink what you mean by masturbation or wanking. Masturbation can sometimes feel like a means to an end, but now is the time to try something new. Here are some tips you can try to change how you experience wanking: 

  • Place some lube on the palm of your hand and rub the head of your cock against it. 
  • Lie sideways on your bed, grasp your cock and brace your hand against the bed, begin thrusting in and out of your hand, as if you’re fucking. 
  • Get to the edge! - Begin to wank as you normally would, then stop when you feel yourself about to cum. Lie back and relax, and then start again.  
  • If you’ve got toys use them.  
  • Insert your finger into your ass while you are jerking off, gently go beyond the slight curve inside and you may feel the prostate. This gland can give an amazing orgasm when massaged and it can feel intimate.  
  • You can also try experimenting with using sex toys. This can be masturbators, anal stimulation toys or cock accessories. Trying these with different lubes can really improve how you wank 

For further tips check out this video below. 

Better Masturbation - 9 Sexy Tips for Gay Men

Prefer to have sex with other guys? Well, phone sex and video sex are real sex! Touch is a powerful thing, but so is human voices and images of guy's bodiesThat’s why porn is so popular. Having sex through a webcam or phone might feel strange at first, but it will feel hot and horny in no time. Grindr has even launched a campaign called Isolated but not alone, which allows you to talk to guys all over the world, where you explore your fantasiesIt’s important to remember when it comes to cams or video, approach public sites and strangers with caution, as nothing is guaranteed to stay private.  

Here are some tips for enjoying sex online: 

  • When it comes to webcam/video sex, a microphone is very important to get turned on. This means you and your partner can respond to one another and get that feeling of intimacy.   
  • Don’t jump straight to sex. Apply your ideas of foreplay and teasing to the online world, as this will build the anticipation of what's to come.  
  • Be safe. If you’re not in a trusted relationship or think the person on the other side might screenshot your images, don’t engage with them onlineIt’s important to also make sure the person you’re speaking to is over the age of consent! 
  • Roleplay. You can use outfits, stories, and scenarios to live out a fantasy online! 

This can be a new and exciting time to explore your body and your fantasies. If you want to chat through anything any of the tips or advice mentioned above, speak to one of our live chat advisors in the bottom right-hand corner.  

For more tips about getting the most out of phonesex check out Grindr's 5 Ways to Have Great Phone Sex. 


Have a look at Prepsters advice around sex during coronavirus. or tips and tricks for hooking up during COVID-19.


For further information on coronavirus please see our page here.