COVID-19 & Self Pleasure

COVID-19 (Coronavirus) has caused lots of disruptions to everyday life for lots of people.

As the virus is highly contagious and easily transmitted, it is the government's advice to socially distance and self-isolate from other people to prevent the risk of transmission. That means we need to stop hooking up with other guys that we don't live with, but luckily this doesn't mean your sex life is over!

So now is the time to get to you know your body  what turns you on? How do you give yourself the sexual pleasure you deserve? SX know a thing or two about masturbating, so we’ve created some tips to help you spend some time loving your own body and having sexual pleasure during COVID-19. 

But first, what’s the science behind masturbation?  

Okay, so for most of us this might be obvious, but wanking is fun! It’s helps us deal with the horn, and has several scientific benefits to help us deal with the current COVID19 situation: 

  • It's good for the immune system. COVID 19 has had us talking about our immune system and no, we’re not saying that having a wank will prevent this virusBut, there is some evidence that shows becoming aroused and having orgasms can boost some of the hormones that help keep us healthy and reduce the chance of some colds and infections.  
  • Its a great way to relieve stress. By releasing chemicals in the brain that can make us feel good, wanking helps reduce anxiety depression and stress, which a lot of us will be feeling during this period. 
  • It keeps the prostate healthy. Though not directly related to COVID 19, some research has shown that it reduces the likelihood of prostate cancer. This is because frequent ejaculations and flushing out the prostate may reduce some of the nasty cells that can in some cases cause cancer in the gland. So no, you don’t need to stop doing it when things return to normal! 

Now it’s time for our top tips (no pun intended) for self-pleasure and masturbation during covid-19: 

Whether it’s a quick one or you want to spend some time relaxing. Spending a little time thinking about how and where you’re going to have a wank will make it a more enjoyable experience. With more time on our hands, it’s time to make use of our hands: 

Location, location, location (no, not the property programme)

Finding a space where you can relax alone might be one of the hardest things to do at the moment, considering we are all pretty much under one roof 99% of the day. This is especially true if you are in a flat-share or living at home with your folks. So finding the best place may take a little planning. Think about where you are likely to get some privacy to make your own little escape room. For example, the bathroom might be the best place, so run yourself a nice bath and create a nice environment. Or make sure you have privacy in your bedroom, lock the door – light a candle! Masturbation is a great way to relax, so make sure your environment is somewhere that can make this possible, consider all your senses – how does the room smell? Can you put on some relaxing music or dim the lights to create the right atmosphere?

Time – make it and use it!

Allow yourself some time to get in the mood and get away from the stresses and anxiety of life. Give yourself a decent amount of time to work up your arousal and enjoy the time you have exploring your body. If you fancy a quick one then that’s ok too, it can be fun and intense in equal measures.

Treat yourself to some slide play

Ever thought about using some nice lube? There are plenty types of lube available that can help you enjoy different sensations. This is especially useful if you have a penis and you’re circumcised. Don't forget theres also a lot of masturbation aids like sleeves, dildo's and vibration toys that will help you get off. Why not try something new while you have a little more time to do it?

Get to know your body

We all have different bodies, so take this time to learn to enjoy yours. For those with penises, explore how it feels and to be touched around the sensitive parts such as the head of your cock or your balls. It is also nice to play with your ass, inserting a finger or two can be awesome (especially if you go past the prostate). Don't forget other areas of the body can be erotic too - nipples and ear lobes are often pleasurable to touch when aroused.

All men wank

Not all men have penises, and masturbation is a great way to feel confident about your body. Testosterone can alter the proportions of your front hole, leading to changes in sensation and sensitivity. Whatever body parts you have, masturbation is a great way to connect with your body and to find out what you like or dislike. Take time to explore yourself.  

Going online

If you’re looking for intimacy with someone, you might want to think about webcams, FaceTime, video calling (available through apps) or a phone call. This is a great way to have conversations about what you both like, explore fantasies and push the limits! But yes, we have to remind you... remember your online safety! It’s easy to screen record or screenshot on smartphones and computers, so don't do anything that’s illegal (such as sharing images if the person doesn’t consent or if you or the person you are sending them to is under 18). Find out more about online sex here. 


Have fun!

The most important tip is to have fun! Don't do anything that you're uncomfortable with, explore your body and its sensations, relax, de-stress and masturbate. You can find out more about masturbation here

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