SX is part of Waverley Care, which is Scotland’s leading charity supporting people living with, or affected by, HIV and hepatitis C.

Waverley Care is Scotland’s HIV and Hepatitis C charity.

Our work is focused on prevention, education, testing and support. Throughout Scotland we’re reducing new HIV and Hepatitis C infections, getting people diagnosed and supporting those affected in whatever ways they need. Through our work, we are also challenging HIV and Hepatitis C related stigma, tackling health inequalities and promoting good sexual health.

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Wave is all about getting young people thinking and talking about their sexual health and relationships.

We know that these can be awkward, and sometimes embarrassing, things to talk about, but we also know that they don’t need to be.

We’re here to provide information that answers your questions and gives you the confidence to make choices that are right for you. We aren’t here to judge.

We deliver education programmes to groups within schools and within the community, as well as providing Highland-specific information online.

Like SX, Wave is a service provided by Waverley Care. 

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